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Geometry Dash Icons

2017-08-01 13:11:45 by DjPig

Hello everyone!!! I have been making icons for Geometry Dash featuring tons of icons and ships!! If you are a Geometry Dash Player, I can make a image of yourself in Geometry Dash!! For example. I will show you guys a picture of myself in my art section. Comment on this if you want me to design yourself and I will start working right away!!!

Love you guys,



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2017-08-11 11:43:56

Can you design me? I'm FieyAbyss in GD.

(Updated ) DjPig responds:

Heh Heh Why not?
Im not gonna say no!


2017-08-11 11:44:08


(Updated ) DjPig responds:

Got it!
I will get working on it!