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Im starting meh first song and its going OVER THE SIDE!!!

2017-10-18 09:00:40 by DjPig

I am so exited to start making music finally!! Its coming out with a bang! Also my third song (Space Abyss) is going to be the first song to start an EP!!!

Spoilers - DONT READ THIS IF YOU DONUT LIKE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first song will be Over The Side.

Second is Redstone

My EP contains 7 tracks.

Tracks -

DjPig - Space Abyss

coming soon!

DjPig and Demonic Beast - LETS GO NOW

Coming soon!

DjPig - Soul Sphere

Coming soon!

DjPig - Star Shower

Coming soon!

DjPig - Gem Sage

Coming soon!

DjPig - Terra

Coming soon!

And last and definatly not least,

DjPig - Nemesis

Coming soon!

So thats all for now. I will start making music as soon as possable!!

Thanks! -DjPig

oh gawsh, I got 10 followers :3

Also I re-edited my project Dex Xtrullor so check it out!

Link here:


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2017-10-18 09:36:48

Amazing! Good luck bro!

(Updated ) DjPig responds:

Thanks man!
I will be needing it!

Days later...
How do I work this webstie!?!?!??!?
*Smashes Computer*


2017-10-18 11:32:12

Good to hear about newer musicians! Always like to hear new music from new musicians.

DjPig responds:

But it might take a while to figure out the website. So follow me to know when a track comes out!


2017-10-22 10:20:39

Cool, can't wait! you use FLStudio?

DjPig responds:

No. I use a program I found not to long ago called audiotool